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And I created this website to highlight some of the best digital cameras for those interested in serious photography. I want to help those shutterbugs find high quality digital SLR cameras at decent prices.

As a professional model and stock photographer of many years, I discovered so many new camera buffs were having issues because of cheap DSLR cameras, I decided to put together this site.

Digital Camera Resource for Photographers

It acts as a resource for new and experienced photographers. One F Stop is available to all medium to high end digital single lens camera shoppers who are not sure what they need – or how to upgrade their present camera!

This Site is All About Digital SLR Cameras for Better Pictures – and the Reviews Help Smart Shoppers to Choose Wisely

If you’re looking for what I consider to be the best digital camera at a mid-range price, check out my homepage:

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Thank you for checking out my camera website. And please, take a moment to comment on my shopping reviews for the top DSLR cameras online today. Come again soon and keep on focusing on your photography!